finally some customer appreciation!

this blind woman comes into sanrio every once in a while and she has really taken a liking to me. she calls me "her eyes" whenever she shops. she's a sweet, old, japanese woman who has friends in hawaii and japan, and they all trade/ send each other hello kitty stuff. a day before i left san francisco to go home, i told her i was going to visit family for my 21st birthday and she was stoked! i guess she's came to the store a few times to bring me a birthday gift and she was able to give it to me today! she made me this awesome 3D origami ball that took her 4 hours to make! i forgot it at work, but i really want to take a picture of it because i'm so impressed!

haha another funny thing about the blind lady. adrian was helping her out at the register and the blind lady says to her, "i really like your voice, it's so unique" then she gets closer to adrian and whispers..."it's sexy! i bet all the boys like it, hehehehehehe!" HAH, i love this customer.

but something i do not love is when people buy REUSABLE hello kitty tote bags and ask for plastic bags to put them in. that defeats the purpose, don't you think???
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i have peanut butter, but no bread.
i have noodles, but no sauce.
i have tons of hello kitty stickers, but nothing to stick them to.

i walk fast, ellis walks slow.
i am always sad, ellis is always happy.
i'm on time, he's always late.
i love him and he loves me.
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i h8 school.

AHHH! School is sooo hard this semester! i can't focus and i can't understand astronomy to save my life. what if i never get out of city college! oh god, I'm getting melodramatic. But seriously, this semester has been though. I am feeling like my school schedule has made me commit social suicide since i have no more than a few hours of my day to spend alone or with my friends. Why was I so stupid in making my class schedule so wack???? Hh yeah, because of retarded budget cuts. I just really want this semester to end NOW and to pass all my classes. I want it to be my last semester at city college and i want to go to USF already and learn about art and only art (well, maybe race studies too). Enough of the math and science bullshit. Enough with busy-work essays to prove I'm capable of shit.

Ive been having weird dreams about people telling me to love yourself or I wont be able to love others. I have always been told this in therapy or in church or some friends trying to give me advice. I don't know if I think it's true-to love others, you have to love yourself first. How do you even know if you love yourself to begin with? If I like myself, is that enough? I know for a fact I don't DISlike myself, is that okay too? Whatever.

I love it when I get back into my drawing phases. I'm in one right now, and I'd much rather draw than do homework or shower or sleep. I'm most proud of the picture I drew of Dana last weekend.

gfddfgdggjdg I miss Daniel.
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"cool old people"

i haven't updated this thing in a long time. i have a lot on my mind but my thoughts are too mean to post for the world wide web.
.....anyways, i came across this blog of old people with cool style or interesting appearances. it reminded me of my work (yes, still sanrio) and i wish i could take photos of some of the awesome old asian ladies like this dude. here are a few of my favorites from the blog:

PS, im moving this week. yay for a new house with only one other person and less haight street assholes ;)
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